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The state of Utah is known for many things. It is home to Salt Lake City‘s capital city and the state capitol, the Capitol Building. It also boasts the most extensive Grand Canyon in North America.

Utah Map
Utah Map


Visitors and tourists keep visiting the state to see all that Utah has to offer. And what’s more? They get even more when they participate in one of the numerous activities available in Utah. Visitors can ride ATVs, go on Jeep tours, and even try their hands at driving a motorized wheelchair. Suppose you want to add something new to your itinerary while traveling in the beautiful state of Utah.

In that case, there is no better way than to add a little something with a fun and exciting “Utah desert monolith” to your itinerary.

Montage Deer Valley
Montage Deer Valley

Top 5 Best Utah Resorts

  1. Amira Resort & Spa
  2. The Cliff Lodge & Spa
  3. Grand Summit Hotel, A RockResort
  4. Newpark Resort, A Destination Hotel
  5. Snowpine Lodge


His rock is made of a combination of sand and mortar, then painted with acrylic paint. Many visitors come to the “Sheeprock Mountains” every year to take in the incredible artwork because of its striking beauty and natural setting. They wonder how someone could create such a stunning rock out of such raw materials.

Little Spotted Wolf Canyon

Another artwork located in southwestern Utah is the “Little Spotted Wolf Canyon,” also known as the “wolf rock.” Local artist Lisa Pleskow sculpted this monolith during the mid-1990s. It is made from a combination of stone and colored acrylic paint. The rock’s striking orange and brown colors are enhanced by the light-colored tan stone pebbles underneath, strategically placed to enhance the rock’s appearance.

Stein Eriksen Lodge
Stein Eriksen Lodge

Red Rock Canyon

A particular version of a monolith found in southeastern Utah is the “Red Rock Canyon” It can be located on Lot 9 near Sand Hollow. The sculpture consists of an original sculpture that was placed on the surface of this remote area desert. It consists of a large, life-size figure of a wolf that is surrounded by red rock. Because of its uniqueness, this “red rock desert sculpture” is being displayed at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Cedar City, Utah.

Cathedral of the Madeleine

Another intriguing monolith found in the western part of the state is the “Cathedral of the Madeleine” This colossal rock is approximately twenty feet high and four feet wide. It was created by a man named Joe Root in the mid-1970’s. This “cathedral of junk” is located on Lot 4 near Cedar City. The “cathedral” was built using five steel pipes. Due to its weight, it was placed on a lift truck and moved to this helicopter location.

Waldorf Astoria Park City
Waldorf Astoria Park City

Utah Monolith

On the other hand, a unique monolith found in southern Utah is the “Utah Monolith” This exquisite piece of art was created by a man named Dean Wilson in the early 1990’s. The “windswept mountain monolith” is approximately twenty feet high and covers about two hundred feet in circumference.

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