Georgia Travel Vacations 2021 – The Best Time and Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia  Travel – Georgia is a wonderful state and this article contains all that you want to know about traveling in Georgia, from traveling to the state, to cultural facts, hiking tips, and lots of helpful travel information, making it the best detailed Georgia travel article.

Georgia Map

Georgians have always had a friendly and cordial relationship with their neighbors and this is why Georgia today is one of the largest Russian speaking countries in the world. You can also see why Georgia was chosen as one of the US 50 best states to visit in the Travel and Leisure Travel poll organized by Smart Travel Magazine. Georgia is emerging as a major tourist hub in the South, not only because of its friendly people but also its beautiful geology and rich culture.

Hurricane Falls
Hurricane Falls

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

  1. Amicalola Falls State Park
  2. Lake Lanier
  3. Marietta, GA
  4. Tallulah Gorge State Park
  5. Helen
  6. St. Simons Island
  7. Macon
  8. Arabia Mountain
  9. Tybee Island
  10. Jekyll Island
  11. Dahlonega
  12. Callaway Gardens
  13. Cumberland Island
  14. Atlanta
  15. Athens, GA
  16. Golden Isles
  17. Savannah


Georgia is emerging as a hub for tourists, not just because it’s a rich state with rich culture but also because Georgia has some of the finest geology spots in the entire world. Some popular geology sites are a must-visit if you want to explore the geology of Georgia. Don’t miss the Ellijay Geology Park and St. Mary’s River Canyon.


Wine tours and winery tours are some of the major attractions in Georgia. You can also experience authentic Georgian hospitality by staying at a Georgia travel destination like the Tifton Plantation which is a converted plantation house dating back to the 17th century. Here, you can feast yourself with the fresh and tangy grapes produced in the historic plantation. You can also visit the Georgian churches like St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kiehling Church, and the Christ Church.

Dahlonega, GA
Dahlonega, GA

The southern part of Georgia is known for the mountains and the wine-growing regions. If you want to enjoy mountain trekking in Georgia, you can go to Tiflis, which is one of the best trekking destinations in Georgia. You can either choose to go on a self-guided tour or an outfit. The trekking trails in Tiflis include the Pechora Pass, Zugilukyi Gorge, Pulkati River, and the Tsamishtak River.

Travel Guide

A Georgia travel guide will tell you about the best time to visit Georgia. There are spring and autumn holidays in Georgia. During this period, Georgia tourism receives a huge boost. Tourists flock to Georgia from all over the world. The summer is considered the high season for Georgia tourism as it is when the grape crops are at their highest.

If you are interested in trekking, Georgia is home to the world’s second-highest peak-the mountain of Lithium. The best time to go there would be from March to May. Another famous destination in Georgia is the Georgian region known as the “beaten track.” This is where Georgia’s best wine and pastry are cultivated.

Amicalola Falls State Park
Amicalola Falls State Park


You will enjoy your Georgia visit. So pack your bags and make your way to the best time and place to visit in Georgia. You will have a grand time in this beautiful state.

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