Best Bora Bora Travel Resorts and Destinations 2021

Bora Bora is an idyllic South Pacific island just northwest of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. Surrounded by crystal clear sand-filled turquoise waters and protected by an expansive coral reef, it is known for its excellent scuba diving. At its center sits Mt. Otemanu, a towering dormant volcano.

Bora Bora Map

Bora Bora Map
Bora Bora Map

Most tourist operators now offer accommodation options to suit any budget or preference, but bungalows remain the most popular choice for families.

These wooden buildings have no electricity and no running water, making them a perfect place to holiday. Some offer basic amenities, but the rest provide all the comforts of home, including television and Internet access.

Oa Oa Lodge
Oa Oa Lodge

Best Bora Bora Resorts

  1. Bouddha Villa
  2. La Perle de Tahaa
  3. LE TAHA’A By Pear Resorts
  4. Hotel Royal Bora Bora
  5. Sunset Hill Lodge
  6. Village Temanuata
  7. Oa Oa Lodge
  8. InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa
  9. Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora
  10. InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort
  11. LE BORA BORA By Pear Resorts
  12. Conrad Bora Bora Nui
  13. The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
  14. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora
  15. Maitai Lapita Village Huahine

Bora Bora Travel

The South Pacific islands are home to some of the most unique flora and fauna on Earth. When planning your Bora Bora travel, you will have the chance to witness exotic birds and even monkeys. The scenery is spectacular and the wildlife is simply breathtaking.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui
Conrad Bora Bora Nui

It’s best to be seen from the air or from the sea, both of which offer spectacular views of the islands. Overwater bungalows offer a great opportunity for in-depth exploration. Some of the popular places to visit are Puamanu Bay, French Polynesia, Tahiti Islands, and the Fiji Islands.

Beach Villas

Beach villas in Bora Bora are the perfect place for families to spend their time relaxing and enjoying the beauty of this Polynesian paradise island. They provide spacious beach-front rooms with swimming pools and private decks, making them ideal holiday accommodation options.

Many tourists also choose to rent holiday cottages in Bora Bora and relax in the peaceful surroundings of these rustic beach villas. Beach villas and bungalows cater for different budgets, with some private beaches, some having private pools, and others catering for backpackers who are just arriving on their holiday. All offer exceptional value for money.

The Four Seasons Hotel Bora Bora, French Polynesia
The Four Seasons Hotel Bora Bora, French Polynesia


The Tahiti Island chain is home to some of the more exclusive resorts on the island. Located atolls that slope gently into the sea, the resorts are separated by lush green vegetation. The most popular resorts are located on St. Lucia island and on Fagin Island, where the scenery varies from picturesque landscapes to a vibrant nightlife.

These resorts offer exceptional value for money with a variety of attractions including white sand beaches, oceanfront cafes, luxurious swimming pools, and Bora Bora overwater bungalows.

For those interested in experiencing an authentic Polynesian experience, St. Lucia is recommended as the best place to visit. The island has an excellent range of activities including bird watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, water sports, boating, and more. There’s even a resort on the beach, complete with an underwater restaurant.

St. Lucia

Many tourists choose to book travel deals to include trips to St. Lucia. The island boasts several restaurants that serve food from around the world, and visitors can enjoy delicious seafood, fresh fruit, and locally grown vegetables.

If you’re looking for a tropical getaway with a touch of culture, then south pacific destinations such as Tahiti offer some excellent opportunities. The small island of Tanna is considered by many to be the crown jewel of the South Pacific, with its pristine form beaches and idyllic fishing villages.

The small island also boasts some stunning, rainforest-dotted landscape. Water sports abound, with diving, snorkeling, rafting, and other water activities available year-round.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is one of the largest of the islands, and is often referred to as ‘le plus grand sept’. It is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the region, and numerous Bora Bora travel guides cover the entire region. If you stay in the capital of Tahiti, you can even try a virtual tour of the French Polynesian archipelago.

Other major attractions include the Pitons Island Spa, where you can indulge in French cuisine, take part in swimming or attend a spa massage that is ideal for the islands.

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