Eminem’s Tattoos and Meanings, Eminem’s Tattoos Photos

Eminem's Tattoos Photos
Eminem Tattoos and Meanings


A distinctive feature of many rap artists is a special love for numerous tattoos on their bodies. Some depict intricate phrases, hieroglyphs, others are the names of dear people. The cult American rapper Eminem, like his colleagues, did not neglect such an established custom.

The meaning of Eminem’s tattoos

There are about ten different tattoos on the body of the cult American rapper Eminem. Eminem’s tattoos have a special meaning and were made at various significant periods of his life. According to the artist himself, he is no longer going to get new tattoos on his body.


Tribal Tattoo Meaning

Eminem’s tattoo on his left wrist in the form of a bracelet is one of the very first on the singer’s body. For him, it does not carry much meaning, since, according to him, it was made in a state of intoxication.


D12 Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo means the name of his band D12 (or in other words Dirty Dozen). The letter D stands for the first letter of Eminem’s hometown, Detroit.

Ronnie RIP Tattoo Meaning

An image of a skull and a mushroom with the Ronnie RIP inscription on Eminem’s left forearm was made in memory of the singer’s uncle’s deceased. Eminem was very attached to him, so the loss of a loved one was not easy.

Slit me Tattoo Meaning

There were difficult periods in Eminem’s life and once he wanted to die. Now the inscription “Slit Me” reminds of attempts to commit suicide on the singer’s right wrist and warns against committing such mistakes.

Rot In Pieces Tattoo Meaning

On Eminem’s belly is a gravestone with the name of his wife Kim and the inscription “Rot In Pieces”. The image appeared after the singer had a falling out with his wife.

Hailie jade Tattoo Meaning

When Eminem had a daughter, he tattooed her name on his right arm – Hailie Jade. Later, an image of an ancient scroll appeared near the name and, undoubtedly, the tattoo began to look even better.

Daughter’s portrait Tattoo Meaning

Initially, on the right forearm of the performer, his own name flaunted. Later, the name was replaced by the image of roses, and above is the portrait of Haley Jed’s beloved daughter. Below the roses is the inscription “Bonnie & Clyde”. Eminem compares his love for Hayley to that of a famous couple who robbed banks.

Eminem Tattoos and Meanings
Eminem’s Daughter’s Portrait Tattoo

Proof Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo is currently the last, and was made on the left hand in memory of the murdered friend of Proof, the founder of the D12 group. Proof was shot in the head in 2006.

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