Emelianenko Alexander Tattoos and Meanings

Emelianenko Alexander Chest Tattoo
Emelianenko Alexander Chest Tattoo

Even people far from the world of sports can easily answer the question “Who is Fedor Emelianenko?” But did you know that this famous athlete, who lost a fight only once in his entire career, has a middle brother, Alexander, who also found himself in the world of sports?

Alexander Emelianenko is one of the ten strongest athletes in the world, specializing in ultimate fighting. But not only his sporting achievements in this field deserve great attention. Of particular interest are numerous tattoos of Alexander Emelianenko that cover a large amount of the athlete’s body.

If we talk about the meaning of Emelianenko’s tattoos, then it definitely becomes clear that a person did all the tattoos at the behest of the heart, and not for the sake of fashion. For example, an athlete’s shoulders are tattooed in the form of a cobweb, which symbolizes the prison bars. Also, the shoulders of the athlete are decorated with stars, denoting the desire of a person to rely only on himself and to set the rules for himself.

Emelianenko Alexander made prison tattoos at the dawn of his youth, when. According to the athlete himself, by stupidity he ended up in places not so distant. Many of Alexander’s tattoos have a prison meaning. For example, the phrase “Give me a return ticket in my youth, I paid in full for the trip!” is famous in certain circles. This phrase also adorns Alexander’s shoulders.

Also, Emelianenko Alexander made prison tattoos on his knees, which are now adorned with two stars, meaning the inflexibility of a person – “I will not kneel in front of anyone.” It is clear that with the presence of such tattoos on Emelianenko’s body, Alexander gave rise to many controversial conversations in sports circles. What is his church with five domes, which found refuge on his right hand. Even people far from the criminal world know that this tattoo indicates the number of years spent behind bars.

Emelianenko Alexander Body Tattoo
Emelianenko Alexander Body Tattoo

On the back, Emelianenko also made tattoos with meaning. There he has a picturesque painting of the Mother of God in a new interpretation. Alexander’s chest is decorated with the painting “Battle of Peresvet with Chelubey”. The love of this Emelianenko for tattoos becomes truly boundless, because even his feet are decorated with aphorisms impaled by professionals.

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