Aiza Dolmatova’s Tattoos and Meanings

Aiza Dolmatova Wrist Tattoo
Aiza Dolmatova Wrist Tattoo

In our time of free morals and ways of self-expression, tattoos are almost in the first place. What can also be so shocking and intimate at the same time, if not a tattoo? Still, a tattoo, as time has shown, can serve as an effective way of expressing feelings. Aiza Dolmatova’s tattoos are just evidence of a very warm relationship between Guf and Aiza.

The body of young Isa is decorated with more than one tattoo and more than one intimate place, more precisely, not one tattoo at all. Basically, these are high-quality drawings: pretty girls on the wrist and lower leg, no less cute inch on the lower abdomen and several inscriptions.

There are also two tattoos that are important not only for Aiza herself, but also for her famous rapper husband, Guf. As you know, Aiza played an important role in the life of Guf and subsequently their family. Having met Aizu, Guf managed to overcome his addiction to drugs. And it was to his savior and beloved that he dedicated the lines from the song “Night”:

“Pinch me ah, I don’t dream about it
Thank you for all that senorita,
Whose Goofy from the cartoon is stuffed on the lower back … “

Also, the young couple implemented a good idea in terms of a tattoo, which, hopefully, will preserve their love for each other. The famous couple exchanged a confession of eternal love, pinning the name of the second half. Guf’s leg is stuffed with: “One love Vagapova”, and Aiza’s: “One love Dolmatov”. Well conceived, one might say – the conclusion of an alliance with the help of tattooists, but, by will not by will – forever.

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