Alexander Ovechkin’s Tattoos and Meanings

Alexander Ovechkin Tattoos Photos
Alexander Ovechkin Tattoos Meanings

Today, perhaps, there are no people, even those far from the world of sports, who would not know who Alexander Ovechkin is. This colorful representative of sports today is perhaps the best hockey player in Russia, while playing for a foreign team. Alexander is tall and bright in appearance, and the absence of front teeth gives him a certain brutality.

Ovechkin’s popularity became even more noticeable after he, disregarding hockey signs, shaved off his beard and starred in an advertisement for a famous cosmetics company. Today Alexander Ovechkin, nicknamed “Ovi” among the fans, is a prominent figure in Russian and foreign hockey.

Alexander Ovechkin recently attracted the attention of journalists for another reason – a new tattoo appeared on his body. In general, it should be noted that Ovechkin rarely makes tattoos and believes that impaling drawings and inscriptions on the body is everyone’s personal initiative. In this matter, you need to listen only to your heart, and not follow the lead of fashion.

Conversations on the sidelines of the sport were caused by the appearance of Ovechkin’s next tattoo – on the left side of the torso, Alexander got a tattoo in English. In translation, the tattoo means – Sergey, you are always in my heart. Ignorant people immediately considered the secret meaning in this tattoo, prescribing the hockey player to be gay. Meanwhile, Ovechkin’s tattoo means nothing more than a tribute to the memory of his deceased brother Sergei.

15 years ago, his brother died in a car accident, and to this day, Ovi cannot recover from this blow. After all, his brother has always been a role model for him. Journalists have long known that the topic of his brother’s death is extremely painful for Ovi, and he asks not to touch on it in his interviews. The hockey player still has one more brother – Mikhail, with whom they are very close and support each other in everything. Ovechkin’s iconic tattoo can be seen on the lower part of his lower back.… There, the hockey player filled in two Chinese characters – “life” and “family”.

Ovechkin’s iconic tattoos fully reflect his attitude to life and main priorities, but the hockey player himself does not like to comment on their meaning. Thus, there are only three tattoos on the hockey player’s body, each of which is very dear to him. The brutal hockey player claims that it is banal to prick Celtic patterns or the names of girls, he is not going to, believing that this only emphasizes the fascination with fashion trends. A tattoo is a part of life, reflecting one or another of its periods, so its choice should be approached as responsibly as possible.

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