Justin Bieber Tattoos Photos, Justin Bieber Tattoos and Meanings

Justin Bieber Body Tattoo
Justin Bieber Body Tattoo

A few years ago, the Internet was literally blown up by videos featuring a young aspiring performer. Bieber’s mother posted recordings of her son’s performances on YouTube so that family and friends could see them. But the videos were gaining more and more popularity among Internet users all over the world and now the number of sold copies of the artist’s albums has reached 15 million.

But having become famous at such a young age, the singer earned himself a reputation as a rowdy and recently received a 2-year suspended sentence.

Photo and meaning of Justin Bieber’s tattoo

In his 20s, the young singer has numerous tattoos all over his body. The very first tattoo was done at the age of 16. The image of a tiny bird, or rather the outline of a seagull on the belly, is to give a kind of tradition in Justin’s family: the artist’s father and uncle have the same tattoo.

Also, the singer and his father have one more identical tattoo – the inscription “Jesus” in Hebrew.

Another Justin Bieber tattoo that unites him with his family is the image of the Indian logo of the hockey team, which was a fan of the singer’s grandfather.

Among Bieber’s tattoos, there are many drawings with religious themes. Among them is the image of Jesus on the leg; hands folded in supplication, which were later adorned with roses; tattooed Greek letter X-symbol of Christ; dark-haired angel; angel wing; biblical phrase. Later, the image of the crucifixion of Jesus was added to religious tattoos.

Justin Bieber Tattoos Meanings
Justin Bieber Arm Tattoo

Bieber’s connection to a career in music is also reflected in his tattoos: the title of his third album, “Believe” and the Japanese symbol for “kanji”.

On the body of the performer there is an image of Roman numerals indicating the year of birth of his mother.

Upon returning from some tours, Justin’s body was decorated with new tattoos: a tiger’s head and the inscription Koi (fishing symbols).

Besides religious, family music tattoos, there are many other designs on Justin Bieber’s body. Among them is the image of a small crown, the meaning of which has not yet been revealed; an owl as a symbol of wisdom; medieval knight; a castle against the backdrop of lapping waves, a large eye, which for Bieber is something of a talisman, and an image of roses that filled the space between the owl and the tiger.

Now there are 22 Justin Bieber tattoos and this is not the limit. More and more different patterns constantly appear on the singer’s body. It seems that there will soon be no room for new ones at all.

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