Kaunos Ancient City Guide, Where is Kaunos Mugla

The ancient city of Kaunos, which we also include in our list, is located in the Dalyan District within the borders of Muğla province Köyceğiz. The settlement, which was established on the shore of Dalyan Stream, which connects Köyceğiz Lake to the Mediterranean, has moved away from the seaside today due to the formation of the Dalyan Delta.

Kaunos- UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

The ancient city, located in Istanbul, is a historical settlement area where you can see ruins from the Roman Period and watch the view of Dalyan. In the region where you will encounter traces of past periods, the ruins in the surrounding area stand out.


Founded as a city of Caria Kaunos Ancient City. There are rock tombs, bath, agora and an ancient theater and temple with a capacity of 5,000 people. The main structures you can see in the city, which was built on rough terrain:

There is information that the history of the ancient city dates back to the 10th century BC. The port city, where salt production and trade was carried out in the region, had an important economic power in the ancient period. Persians After conquering Anatolia, the city Mausolos came under his administration.


Kaunos Ancient City
Kaunos Ancient City

B.C. Alexander in 334 BC and later on, respectively. Princess Ada of, Antigonos after Ptolemy remained under his management. As the port in Kaunos lost its importance, the economic income of the city decreased and it lost its importance.


  • Acropolis (the part where the castle and walls are located)
  • city ​​walls
  • Ancient theater
  • The church
  • urban roads
  • Bath, warehouse, fountain, agora
  • Temples and sanctuary
  • It is a port and a cemetery.


One of the most distinctive features of the ancient city of Kaunos is the rock tombs with their unique structure. Making B.C. 4th century burial site, Romans used during the period. Ancient rock tombs, which are rare examples of sculpting, 2 thousand 400 years has a history of its own.


When the architecture of the rock tombs is examined, it is seen that it is different from the structures in the Urartu, Phrygian and Lycian regions. Rock tombs with temple facades peculiar to Kaunos Hellenic Temple reflects the facade architecture.


Since the Archaic Age, the ancient city had two harbors. The port called Güney Port is located southeast of Küçük Kale.


Port Kaunos Ancient City

It has been used since the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, and its use was abandoned towards the end of the Hellenistic Period. The other is the port located in the northwest of the city, which is called the Inner Port.


This port is now Sülüklü Lake is called the part. After a certain period of time, the sea turned black due to alluvium, creating the danger of closing the port. For the passage of merchant ships calbis with the current name Dalyan Stream Thanks to this, the connection with the sea has always continued.

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