Rihanna’s Tattoos and Meanings, Rihanna’s Hand Tattoo

Rihanna’s career development cannot be called cloudless, there was a time when she wanted to give up her dream of becoming a famous singer altogether, but the persistence of a girl from Barbados can only be envied.

Today, the popularity of Rihanna’s work is undeniable, and her bright appearance and ability to dress stylishly have been discussed in the press more than once. The singer’s numerous tattoos, adorning various parts of her body, attract no less attention. According to the singer, the tattoo is of great importance for her and her craving for new drawings is comparable to drug addiction.

Listing Rihanna’s celebrity tattoos, it is worth noting such interesting specimens as a scattering of stars of different sizes, as if pouring from a cornucopia along the neck to the back. Such a tattoo looks very stylish, and the technique with a scattering of stars has been used more than once by foreign celebrities as a drawing for a tattoo. The tattoo in the shape of a skull with a bow, which adorns the singer’s ankle, as well as a musical key and a note on the outer part of the right leg, looks interesting.

All of Rihanna’s tattoos are in one way or another connected with music, in view of the fact that she was “sick” with her since childhood. There are also meaningful tattoos on the singer’s body. So, Rihanna’s last tattoo is written in reverse order., so that it can be read in the mirror. In translation, this tattoo looks like “any failure, always a lesson.”

The singer is not afraid to get new tattoos, constantly claiming that the modern technique of applying her is fully satisfied. The use of the latest paints and equipment allows you to get tattoos not only quickly and efficiently, but also painlessly, which is extremely important for fragile girls who want to decorate their bodies with a stylish tattoo. When choosing a tattoo parlor where you will get Rihanna’s tattoos, be sure to check his reputation among clients, because a mistake in choosing can threaten not only a spoiled mood, but also health problems.


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