Victoria Beckham Tattoos, Victoria Beckham Tattoos and Meanings

Victoria Beckham Spine Tattoo
Victoria Beckham Spine Tattoo

Each person has their own reasons for getting a tattoo. Someone strives for fashion and closely monitors the appearance of new products in tattoo catalogs. Someone is sure that applying a special tattoo can attract good luck or deceive fate. Others do tattoos for only one purpose, in order to capture important events for themselves on the body in the form of tattoos.

The notorious participant in the fashionable girl group in the last century, Victoria Beckham, is today a style icon, the mother of three wonderful sons and the wife of the famous football player David Beckham. The story of their love deserves the pen of the authors of romance novels – so much passion and fire in a relationship is an indicator of strong and true love, proven over the years.

This stylish and beautiful couple has their own family traditions, which, without false modesty, include the application of paired tattoos on the body. Victoria Beckham Tattoos repeated on the body of her husband, which once again speaks of their love and devotion. To date, Victoria Beckham’s tattoos are represented by the following types.

Between the shoulder blades on the back of this beautiful woman there is an inscription in Hebrew, which means “my man belongs to me, and I belong to my man.” Her husband has the same inscription. Below the back, Beckham’s tattoo is represented by five eight-pointed stars, which symbolize herself, her husband and three sons.

It should be noted that all stylish Victoria Beckham tattoos imbued with love for a spouse and their family, for children. So on Victoria’s left wrist there is a tattoo with beautifully applied initials of her husband, her love for which is boundless.

The right wrist is adorned with a tattoo with Roman numerals on May 8, 1997. This date for the star is extremely important and memorable – on this day they made love to David for the first time. It is worth noting that when a disagreement occurred in the family that almost cost them happiness and peace and the spouses were on the verge of divorce, they found the strength to survive this difficult period and later decorated their body with tattoos with Roman numerals on May 8, 2006 and the inscription in Latin “again “.

Tattoos of beautiful Victoria today adorn her flawless body, and if during the period of long hair it was extremely difficult to see the saying in Hebrew on her back, today her fans have the opportunity to enjoy this saying applied to her pet’s back.

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