Holiday in Denmark: 8 Things To Do In Copenhagen


8 Things To Do In Copenhage

This week we are in Copenhagen, the windiest capital, the bike city. It’s a place that can be visited for days…

1. Take a Photo With The Little Mermaid Statue

The symbol of Denmark is a bronze mermaid statue made into the sea. It was made in memory of Andersen, the author of “Tales from Andersen”, which we read in our childhood. She represents the mermaid in her fairy tales. HC Andersen is already a very important figure for Denmark. If you want to learn a little more about him, you can visit the HC Andersen museum and even his grave in the Assistens Cemetery.

2. Wander around Nyhavn

When you search for, you will see photos of a place by the canal full of colorful buildings. This is Nyhavn.. Wander around the canal, have a snack in cafes or, if you are planning a low-cost trip, grab your drinks from the market and dive among the young people sitting by the canal.

3. Tour the National Museum of Denmark

One of the easiest ways to understand a country is to visit its national museums. The National Museum of Denmark offers you a lot of information about both Danish history and Vikings.

4. Tour The Black Diamond and The Royal Danish Opera House

There are two magnificent buildings that deserve to be visited. The first of these is the library building called The Black Diamond. The black granites and interesting geometry used in its construction added an interesting atmosphere. In addition to the library, there is a photography and cartoon museum in the building.

The other building I would recommend visiting is The Royal Danish Opera House. One of the most expensive opera houses in the world. It was made in 2000. First of all, it attracts attention with its giant roof. The interior is made to resemble a violin. A legendary building about which documentaries were shot.

Best places to visit in Denmark

5. Go Back to Your Childhood at Tivoli Gardens

Who doesn’t love amusement parks, right? In general, such parks are located outside the city, in places that are relatively difficult to reach. Tivoli Gardens is just the opposite. It has been in the heart of the city since 1843. Tivoli also hosts various concerts and shows. If you are an amusement park enthusiast. You should also give Dyrehavsbakken, or Bakken for short, a chance, about 10 km outside of the city. This is the oldest amusement park in the world. It was opened in 1583!

6. Embrace the Bohemian Life in Christiania

Christiania is an autonomous region within the borders of Copenhagen. It is quite entertaining with its art centers, cafes and colorful buildings. This is actually an abandoned military area. In 1971, invaders came and settled here. Over time, it has become a field full of art. You can take a walk by the lake, hang out in cafes, and listen to live music bands.

7. Cycle Around the City

One of the busiest cycling destinations in the world. You will also see thousands of cyclists in Copenhagen, the density of the bike parks will blow your mind. You can rent a bike and join this crowd and feel like a Copenhagener. In traffic that is entirely regulated by bicycles. What could be more enjoyable than driving?.

8. Blend in with the Hipsters at Jaegersborggade or the Meatpacking District

Jaegersborggade is one of Copenhagen’s hippest, trendiest places. A street full of cute cafes, bars and art galleries. Copenhagen’s famous coffee chain, Coffee Collective, also has a shop here. A convenient spot to watch passers-by while sipping your coffee. Another popular area I would recommend is the Meatpacking District, where Copenhagen’s butchers were once home, and now there are some very hip places. It is a very pleasant place, especially at night.

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