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Katy Perry is an American singer. Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984. Her birthplace is California, USA. She became one of the best-selling artists of all time, selling 11 million albums and 81 million singles worldwide. We reviewed the successful and famous singer Katy Perry tattoos. Let’s take a look at Katy Perry popular tattoos.

Katy Perry popular hottest tattoos
Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry Arm Tattoos

Katy Perry got a lotus flower tattoo on her right wrist in 2012. Katy herself never explained why she got this tattoo. Katy Perry got her lotus tattoo when she was divorcing Russell Brand. Maybe the tattoo could be related to this situation.

The Katy Perry Hello Kitty tattoo is inked on her right middle finger. “OMG HELLO KITTY IS A SCORPIO TOO ILY !!!” from Katy Perry twitter account wrote and shared it.

Katy Perry Jesus tattoo were done at the age of 18 on her left wrist. In 2018, she shared a photo of her tattoo and wrote “my brokenness + God’s Divinity = my wholeness”. This tattoo symbolizes her spiritual side.

Katy Perry Sanskrit tattoo is on her right arm. She got a sanskrit tattoo that reads Anuugacchati Pravaha. This tattoo means “Go with the flow”.

She had a great halftime show at the Super Bowl XLIX. After the show, she got XLIX tattoo inked on her finger with Roman numerals meaning 49. She got this tattoo inked in 2015.

Hottest tattoo Katy Perry
Katy Perry Arm Tattoo

Katy Perry Foot Tattoos

Katy Perry inked a strawberry tattoo on her left ankle in 2009. She used strawberries as the main theme on her world tour and other shows.

Katy Perry inked a peppermint tattoo on her right ankle as opposed to a strawberry tattoo on her left ankle. Katy Perry said she represented the album “Teenage Dream”.

Katy Perry’s cherry blossom tattoo is on her right ankle. Cherry blossom represents beauty. Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend John Mayerde has a similar ink.

Katy Perry inked a prism tattoo in rainbow colors on her left ankle with a happy and smiling face.

Katy Perry feet and ankle tattoos
Katy Perry Foot Tattoos

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