Lisa Kutuzova Tattoos and Meanings, Lisa Kutuzova Back Tattoo

Lisa Kutuzova Arm Tattoo
Lisa Kutuzova Tattoos Meanings


Liza Kutuzova is one of the many participants in the television project “Dom-2”. When she came to the project, she immediately attracted the attention of viewers due to her bright appearance. Lisa is constantly trying to improve her appearance and does this by increasing the volume of her lips, breasts and applying numerous tattoos.

Meanings of Lisa Kutuzova Tattoos

Lisa Kutuzova’s tattoos are of particular interest to fans. Now the body of Lisa Kutuzova is decorated with 9 tattoos. How they look and what they mean, we will consider further.

On the singer’s right shoulder blade is her talisman tattoo: the inscription “Family, health, happiness” in the ancient language.

On the lower back there are words of gratitude “Thank you parents for your life.” By the way, Kutuzova (real name Zdobin) was born in a very wealthy family and by the age of 22 she already had her own apartment, car and summer cottage.

On the right hand from the elbow and almost to the wrist is the phrase “Only God can judge me” (Only God can judge me).

On the left wrist of Kutuzova, the initials of loved ones and the image of a cross.

Lisa Kutuzova’s tattoos on the right and left legs are the same – the inscription “With God”.

On Lisa’s right wrist, you can read the phrase “Magna res est amor”. Translated into Russian, the phrase sounds like “Great deed-love.”

And the last tattoo to date, the pride of Kutuzova is a white tattoo, an elegant flower on her leg.

You can see the tattoo of Lisa Kutuzova in the photo. The girl says that she is not going to stop yet, and, perhaps, in the near future we will see new works of the masters.

Lisa Kutuzova Tattoos
Lisa Kutuzova Back Tattoo
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