Tomb of Amyntas Fethiye Travel Guide

Tomb of Amyntas is one of the important examples of civil architecture located in Fethiye district of Muğla province. Fethiye is a settlement that draws attention with its natural beauties and history and is 124 km away from Muğla city center.


The oldest ruins that have survived from the ancient settlement to the present day.

Tomb of Amyntas Fethiye

Since it was built in the Classical Period, it also witnessed the civilizations that lived in Fethiye. Ancient tombs carved into natural rock have become the symbol of the city. In public “king tomb” is called.


The ancient city in Fethiye, which has a deep-rooted history, has thousands of years of history. In the city, which is the first settlement in Fethiye, there is an ancient theater with a capacity of 6000 people, which was built in the Roman Period and repaired in the Byzantine Period, apart from the rock tombs that have survived to the present day.


Amintas Rock Tombs


It was built during the Lycian civilization, one of the important ancient cities in Muğla. Telmessos ancient city is located in. The building, which is one of the beautiful examples of rock tombs, is one of the important symbols of the city.


The monumental tomb, which is one of the rare structures that has survived from the ancient city as a result of the earthquake in 1957, is in the form of a temple in Ionic order. Climbing the steps amintas‘ is reached and its size is remarkable.


In the column belonging to the rock tomb ”herpamiasoglu amintas” is written. It is said that the corpse of Amintas was found in the past in the room similar to the room in the tomb. There is another group of rock tombs in the eastern part of this burial area. One of them appears to be incomplete.


The rock tombs are the remains of a carved tomb over 3 meters in length on the steep slope in the south of Fethiye. Three of the structures built by carving are in the form of temples and the others are examples of civil architecture. It is the most magnificent tomb belonging to Aminthas, the son of Hermapias, one of the many rock tombs. On the eastern ante wall of the building, in the middle part, in the language of the day “Amintas son of Hermapios” is written, the name of the tomb is known in this way.


Built during the Lycian period Amintas King’s Tomb. It has a two-storey front, and has carvings resembling rectangular and wooden beams. Wars are depicted on the sides of the arched cover, which was built in the Gothic style.


Amintas Rock Tombs


It is not possible to stay in the ancient cities as they are protected and contain historical texture. Since it is almost possible to reach everywhere by road, Amints King Tombs and other historical natural beauties.

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